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Use the pull-down menus to find a wealth of financial, demographic and performance data.
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Caution! Districts in California vary greatly in composition, geography, and demographics. When comparing them it is important to recognize these differences. For more information, see A Caution about Comparisons.

On this tab you can compare specific districts throughout the state. Start by choosing your target district and any others in the county, and then change the county to select other districts.

"Click to Compare" presents an automatic report with default results. Or you can scroll down to "Results Selection" to customize your report.

Note: grayed out items in the Comparison Results Selection area indicate data that is not available for the year you have selected. Clicking on those items turns up a message that they are not available.

In the most current year, missing data elements will be added as they become available. To see prior year data for these items, switch to the comparison report for the previous year.

District Financial Comparison
Values Selection - Select Districts
Dollars per Student
Total Dollars (thousands)
Compare Selected Districts ...
Comparison Results Selection
Always Included
County Name
District Name
Average Daily Atten. (ADA)
Students  all  none
% English Learners
% Free/Reduced Meals
Revenue  all  none
Revenue Limit Sources
Federal Revenue
Other State Revenue
Other Local Revenue
Total Revenue
Expend. by Type  all  none
Certificated Salaries
Classified Salaries
Employee Benefits
Books and Supplies
Services and Other Expenses
Subtotal, Expenditures
Expend. by Activity  all  none
Instruction-related Services
Pupil Services
Ancillary Services
Community Services
Plant Services
Teachers  all  none
  Full-Time Equivalents
  Highest Offered Salary
  Lowest Offered Salary
  % Salary Change
  Average Years Teaching
  Average Teacher Salary
  Pupil-Teacher Ratio
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