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Bond & Parcel Tax Elections
Election results since the mid-1980's through June 2014, based on the best available information.
Alameda Unified
Date of Election Election Type Purpose Proposed Bond Proposed Parcel Tax Vote in Favor Passed Vote Required *Students
3/2011  Parcel Tax Maintain high-quality Alameda schools by protecting small class sizes; core academic, art, music and athletic programs; neighborhood schools; and retaining excellent teachers.   32 cents per square foot on buildings for 7 years, with a maximum tax of $7,999 per parcel; $299 for properties with no buildings. 68.0% 66.7% 9,374
6/2010  Parcel Tax To maintain high quality schooling, attract and retain excellent teachers, and protect strong core academic programs.   Replace two existing parcel taxes with one annual parcel tax for 8 years. $659/parcel for taxable residential and institutional real property, the lesser of $0.13 per square foot of lot or $9500/parcel for taxable non-residential real property. 65.6% no 66.7% 9,514
6/2008  Parcel Tax Offset budget cuts, minimize school closures, safety, class size, teachers, restore certain extracurricular activities.   $120/parcel for residential or $0.15/sq. ft. - commercial/industrial - 4 yrs. (Note: this tax was invalidated by a 2013 Supreme court decision. See this related article for more information.) 66.9% 66.7% 9,485
6/2005  Parcel Tax Attract and retain teachers, CSR, maintain programs in music and art   $189/parcel for 7 years 67.2% 66.7% 10,024
3/2004  GO Bond Renovation, safety, upgrades $63,000,000   71.9% 55% 10,082
11/2001  Parcel Tax Teachers, programs, small classes   $109/parcel for 5yrs; 71.0% 66.7% 9,966
6/1997  Parcel Tax Tech; libr matrls; sml classes; counseling   $50/parcel for 4 yrs 57.2% no 66.7% 10,148
3/1989  GO Bond Acquire sites; renovation $47,660,000   67.9% 66.7% 8,590
3/1989  GO Bond Renovate auditorium $2,500,000   61.7% no 66.7% 8,590
* Student count provided by district at the time of the elections.
School District Bond and Tax Elections
Source: EdSource
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