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Bond & Parcel Tax Elections
Election results since the mid-1980's through June 2014, based on the best available information.
West Contra Costa Unified
Date of Election Election Type Purpose Proposed Bond Proposed Parcel Tax Vote in Favor Passed Vote Required *Students
6/2014  GO Bond Improve earthquake safety, seniors and handicapped accessibility, update science and computer labs, remove asbestos, hazardous materials and lead-based paint, bring all district schools to the same quality, meet fire codes, construct, equip facilities $270,000,000   46.3% no 55% 27,598
11/2012  GO Bond Make schools safe, complete essential health/safety repairs, qualify for state matching grants. $360,000,000   64.4% 55% 27,377
11/2012  Parcel Tax Protect core academics – reading, writing, math, science, attract and retain quality teachers, provide lower class sizes for the youngest children, prepare students for college and the workforce, and improve safety on and around school campuses.   7.2 cents/sq. ft. 75.6% 66.7% 27,377
6/2012  Parcel Tax Preserve quality education including: reading, writing, math, science; maintaining reduced class sizes for the youngest children; retaining quality teachers; supporting libraries, improving campus safety; preparing students for college/workforce.   Extend and increase current parcel tax for three years from 7.2 cents/sq foot to 10.2 cents/sq foot. 65.5% no 66.7% 27,377
11/2010  Parcel Tax Provide local funding the State cannot take away, and preserve quality education by: providing manageable class sizes to improve core academics like math, science, reading/ writing, restoring arts/ music programs, attracting/ retaining quality teachers, improving campus safety/ cleanliness, preparing students for college and workforce   7.2 cents per sq. ft. building area or $7.20 per vacant parcel for 5 years 59.4% no 66.7% 27,976
6/2010  GO Bond Upgrade schools for earthquake safety/handicap accessibility, remove asbestos, upgrade restrooms, vocational classrooms/technology/ energy systems to reduce costs, install lighting and security systems, acquire, repair, construct, equipment/sites/facilities $380,000,000   62.6% 55% 27,976
11/2008  Parcel Tax Reading, writing, math, science programs, teachers, counselors, libraries, computer training and athletic programs, class sizes.   $.072 per sq. ft. of total bldg area or $7.20 per vacant parcel for 5 years 79.6% 66.7% 28,414
8/2007  Parcel Tax Maintain class sizes, purchase textbooks/materials, attract and retain teachers, maintain libraries, counselors, after school programs, custodians, school safety programs.   $0.11 per sq. ft. of building area on parcel, $11/parcel for vacant parcels. Senior citizen exemption by application. 54.4% no 66.7% 28,706
11/2005  GO Bond Continue repairing all school facilities, improve classroom safety and technology, and relieve overcrowding. $400,000,000   56.9% 55% 31,416
6/2004  Parcel Tax Maintain CSR; textbooks & materials; maintain/recruit staff; enhance curriculum   $.072/sq ft/parcel for 6 yrs 70.6% 66.7% 32,383
3/2004  Parcel Tax Classize;instructional materials; staff; program; maintenance   $.068/sq ft building area/parcel 62.7% no 66.7% 32,383
9/2003  GO Bond Continue districtwide reconstruction program $450,000,000   59.1% no 66.7% 32,593
3/2002  GO Bond Construction; improve facilities $300,000,000   71.6% 55% 31,771
11/2000  GO Bond New construction, renovation; replace portables; health & safety improvements $150,000,000   77.3% 66.7% 34,823
6/1998  GO Bond Construct middle school; tech; repairs $40,000,000   76.0% 66.7% 33,148
4/1992  Parcel Tax Maintain & improve program   $60/parcel for 4 yrs 58.2% no 66.7% 31,420
7/1988  Parcel Tax Program   $125/parcel for 4 yrs 34.8% no 66.7% 24,465
* Student count provided by district at the time of the elections.
School District Bond and Tax Elections
Source: EdSource
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