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  County School Service Fund Expenditures by Activity
Alameda County Office of Education      FISCAL YEAR:  2012-13
313 West Winton Ave.
Hayward, CA 94544-1136
Phone (510) 887-0152
CDS: 01 - 10017

Questions about the data?
The figures reported here are "unaudited actuals," not the district's or county office's "budget." Please contact the district or county office directly for questions about its current budget.

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This Activity page includes:

Expenditures by Activity - Pie Chart
Expenditures by Activity - Table

Note: Ed-Data is getting an overhaul! For the latest data, please visit We are no longer posting new data on this site. However we will keep this site available as a source of historical data and comparisons as long as possible.

Note: Ed-Data is getting an overhaul! For the latest data, please visit We are no longer posting new data on this site. However we will keep this site available as a source of historical data and comparisons as long as possible.

This report presents County School Service Fund expenditures according to the activity (or function) they support. It shows, for example, what proportion of operating expenditures are being used for classroom instruction versus administration or for services versus site maintenance.

Clicking on the dollar sign in the column "Activity by Type of Expense" will show you the expenditures listed by the standard object codes, such as salaries, benefits, books and supplies.

Note: Districts and county offices report their revenues and expenditures to the California Department of Education (CDE) prior to the completion of their annual audit. Every effort is made by the CDE to catch errors or misinterpretations. However, the unaudited information is not changed after it has been certified and released by CDE. Therefore, this report may include some uncorrected data.

Expenditures by Activity for Alameda County Office of Education in 2012-13

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County School Service Fund Expenditures by Activity, Reported by Function Codes
Alameda County Office of Education, 2012-13
Function Code Activity
by Type of
Type of Activity Expenditure % of Total
1000 Instruction $6,079,547 15%
1100 Instruction - Special Education 938,632 2%
Subtotal, Instruction $7,018,178 17%
2100 Instructional Supervision and Administration $11,837,393 29%
2200   Administrative Unit (AU) of a Multidistrict SELPA 0 0%
2420 Instructional Library, Media, and Technology 1,877,714 5%
2490 Other Instructional Resources 140,595 0%
2700 School Administration 68,039 0%
Subtotal, Instruction Related Services $13,923,741 34%
3110 Guidance and Counseling Services $25,160 0%
3120 Psychological Services 123,522 0%
3130 Attendance and Social Work Services 760,191 2%
3140 Health Services 82,652 0%
3150   Speech Pathology and Audiology Services 0 0%
3160 Pupil Testing Services 33,576 0%
3600   Pupil Transportation 0 0%
3700 Food Services 24,650 0%
3900 Other Pupil Services 4,266 0%
Subtotal, Pupil Services $1,054,018 3%
4000 Ancillary Services $4,468,141 11%
Subtotal, Ancillary Services $4,468,141 11%
5000 Community Services $1,133,587 3%
Subtotal, Community Services $1,133,587 3%
6000 Enterprise $3,000 0%
Subtotal, Enterprise $3,000 0%
7100 Board and Superintendent $1,743,770 4%
7190 External Financial Audit - Single Audit 34,900 0%
7191   External Financial Audit - Other 0 0%
7200 Other General Administration 6,387,023 16%
7210   Indirect Cost Transfers 0 0%
7700 Centralized Data Processing 2,891,474 7%
Subtotal, General Administration $11,057,168 27%
8100 Plant Maintenance and Operations $1,304,157 3%
8500 Facilities Acquisition and Construction 85,840 0%
8700 Facilities Rents and Leases 94,217 0%
Subtotal, Plant Services $1,484,213 4%
9100 Debt Service $40,142 0%
9200 Transfers Between Agencies 1,138,123 3%
Subtotal, Other Outgo $1,178,265 3%
Total Expenditures, All Activities $41,320,310 100%
Source: California Department of Education, School Fiscal Services Division - SACS Unaudited Actual Data.
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