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  County School Service Fund Revenues by Source
Alameda County Office of Education      FISCAL YEAR:  2012-13
313 West Winton Ave.
Hayward, CA 94544-1136
Phone (510) 887-0152
CDS: 01 - 10017

Questions about the data?
The figures reported here are "unaudited actuals," not the district's "budget." Please contact the district directly for questions about its current budget.

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This Revenue Sources page includes:
Unrestricted Resources
Restricted Resources:
  Revenue Limit
  Federal Resources
  State Resources
  Local Resources

Categorical flexibility
In 2008-09, in response to the economic crisis and school budget cuts, policy makers changed the law to allow some categorical programs (marked with below) to be used for any educational purpose.

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Note: Ed-Data is getting an overhaul! For the latest data, please visit We are no longer posting new data on this site. However we will keep this site available as a source of historical data and comparisons as long as possible.

This report presents County School Service Fund revenues according to their specific revenue source or program.

Separate resource codes track revenues that may have financial reporting or special accounting requirements (“unrestricted”) but which are not subject to specific constraints and may be used for any purpose not prohibited by law, as well as activities funded with revenues that have restrictions on how they are spent (“restricted”).

Viewing resource codes
By default, you only see resource codes the county actually used in 2012-13. You can include all possible resource codes by selecting “All Resource Codes” at the top of the table.

Click on the values in the “Total Revenues” column to see available revenues, expenditures, and beginning and ending balances for each revenue source.

Place your mouse on the for a brief definition of the item.Revenues whose use is not restricted but which still have reporting or accounting requirements are part of unrestricted resource codes 1000-1999.

Additional activities using unrestricted revenues are in resource code 0000. Restricted revenues are identified with resource codes 2000-9999. (Note: The identification of restricted vs. unrestricted in this tab correlates to the unrestricted and restricted columns on the General Fund tab.)

Note: Districts and county offices report their revenues and expenditures to the California Department of Education (CDE) prior to the completion of their annual audit. Every effort is made by the CDE to catch errors or misinterpretations. However, the unaudited information is not changed after it has been certified and released by CDE. Therefore, this report may include some uncorrected data.


County School Service Fund Revenues by Source
Alameda County Office of Education, 2012-13
Alameda County Office of Education Resource Codes only
All Resource Codes
Resource Codes Type of Revenues Total Revenues1
0000 Unrestricted $16,334,167
1100 State Lottery 70,162
1400 Education Protection Account 3,078,666
Total, Unrestricted Resources $19,482,995
Resource Codes Type of Revenues Total Revenues1
Restricted Revenue Limit Resources (2000-2999)
2410 Juvenile Court $2,434,773
2420 County Community Schools 1,973,265
2900 Other Restricted Revenue Limit Sources 430,449
Subtotal, Restricted Revenue Limit Resources $4,838,487
Resource Codes Type of Revenues Total Revenues1
Federal Resources Restricted (3000-5999)
3010-3185 No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Title I $2,366,279
3205 Education Jobs Fund 34,530
3310-3405 Special Education 183,538
3710-3725, 4123-4124 No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Title IV 154,550
4035-4050 No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Title II 37,237
4201-4204 No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Title III 9,137
4510 Indian Education 23,294
5310-5455 Child Nutrition 27,004
5630-5635 No Child Left Behind (NCLB): Title X, McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance 0
5640 Medi-Cal Billing Option 2,005
5810 Other Federal Funds 1,814,164
Subtotal, Restricted Federal Resources $4,651,738
Resource Codes Type of Revenues Total Revenues1
State Resources Restricted (6000-7999)

Programs marked with "" below are
flexible and can be used for any educational purpose.
6010 After School Learning & Safe Neighborhood Partnerships $1,412,622
6300 Lottery: Instructional Materials 16,103
6500-6540 Special Education 1,801,875
6650-6680, 6690 Tobacco-Use Prevention Education 877,273
7090-7091 Economic Impact Aid (EIA) 44,684
7365-7367 Supplementary Programs 553,065
7391  School Community Violence Prevention Grant 0
7400 Quality Education Investment Act 46,500
7810  Other State: Locally defined 0
Subtotal, Restricted State Resources $4,752,122
Resource Codes Type of Revenues Total Revenues1
Local Resources Restricted (8000-9999)
9010 Other Local: Locally defined $8,391,929
Subtotal, Restricted Local Resources $8,391,929
Total, Restricted Resources $22,634,276
Total, Resources $42,117,272
 For Resource Code ranges, at least one of the Resource Codes in the range represents a program that is now unrestricted or flexible.
1A program with a zero may still have activity in this fiscal year because of, for example, carryover from the prior year, deferred revenue, a beginning balance, contributions and other financing sources. Clicking on the link will allow you to see the details.
Source: California Department of Education, School Fiscal Services Division - SACS Unaudited Actual Data.
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