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Teacher Salary Report     FISCAL YEAR:  2011-12
Alameda City Unified
2200 Central Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501-4450
Phone (510) 337-7000
CDS: 01 - 61119
This page includes:
District Description
Teacher Salary Schedule - Annual Salary
Teacher Benefit Schedule
Supplemental Salary Schedule
Teaching Credentials
Teacher Experience

This site reports data for California's K-12 public school system only.

Note: Ed-Data is getting an overhaul! For the latest data, please visit We are no longer posting new data on this site. However we will keep this site available as a source of historical data and comparisons as long as possible.

In California’s public school system, each district negotiates a contract detailing salaries, benefits, and working conditions for its teachers through a collective bargaining process. This report provides information about teachers’ salaries and benefits and their credentials and experience. See Teachers in California for a more complete background and Negotiating Teachers’ Contracts in California for a description of how teachers’ employment contracts are determined.

Salary and benefit information in the following tables come from a teacher salary report (J-90) that districts are not required to file. About 15% (covering less than 2% of the state's ADA) do not file and therefore will have no data in the Teacher Salary, Teacher Benefit, or Supplemental Salary tables.


This information, the same as on the District Profile Report, comes from enrollment and teacher counts taken during the first half of the school year.
District Description
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
Number of Teachers
Full-Time Equivalent Teacher Count1
Pupil-Teacher Ratio2
Average Class Size
1Full-Time Equivalent counts show the number of actual teaching positions, whereas the Number of Teachers is all teachers employed regardless of their time base (i.e., teachers who team teach count as 2 teachers but only 1.0 FTE).
2Pupil-teacher ratios are usually smaller than average class sizes because all full-time equivalent teaching positions are counted, including those not assigned to regular classrooms.
Certificated staff definitions
Source: Educational Demographics Office, CBEDS (cbedsora11a.txt 5/8/12, paif11 1/11/13)

Teacher Salary Schedule - Annual Salary1
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
     District    Statewide Average for
Unified School Districts
Lowest Offered
BA + 60 (Step 10) Offered2
Highest Offered
Average Paid3
1These amounts do not include salaries for extended year, bonuses for special accomplishments, or payment for extra-curricular services such as coaching, drama or music.
2Bachelor of Arts degree plus 60 continuing education units
3Two districts with identical salary schedules could have different average salaries, depending on their teachers' years of experience and education.
Source: School Fiscal Services Division, J-90 (fixdinfo 12/6/12, salxstep 12/6/12)
The schedule for teachers' salaries is negotiated between representatives of the teachers’ union and the district's governing board. Through this process, automatic increases in teachers' salaries are set according to years of experience and completion of additional education including, in some cases, professional development.

Since the Teacher Salary report (J-90) is not required by the state, the Statewide figures are based on responses from over 85% of districts, covering over 98% of the state's ADA.

Most of the benefits offered to teachers are negotiated by the union and district governing board. Usually the largest part of a benefit package is for health insurance. Other items could include dental, vision and life insurance. Certain benefits, such as retirement and workers' compensation, are required by law and are not part of negotiations.
Teacher Benefit Schedule - Maximum Annual Per-Employee Contribution1
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
Single Plan
Two-Party Plan
Family Plan
Cafeteria Plan
1Maximum contribution amounts are for health and welfare benefits only and could include (depending on the district) health, dental, vision, and life insurance.
Source: School Fiscal Services Division, J-90 (fixdinfo 12/6/12)

Supplemental Salary Schedule
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
% Salary Change Over Prior Year
Number of Service or Work Days
Number of Teaching Days
Source: School Fiscal Services Division, J-90 (fixdinfo 12/6/12)
This table shows the percent change in salary plus the number of teacher service days and teaching days included in the negotiated contract. Service days may vary from teaching days because of additional items such as in-service training days.

Teaching Credentials
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
Teaching Credentials data not collected in 2011-12
Teaching Credentials definitions

Teacher Experience
Alameda City Unified, 2011-12
Average Years Teaching
Average Years in the District
Percent of First-Year Teachers
Percent of Second-Year Teachers
Source: Educational Demographics Office, CBEDS (paif11 1/11/13)
In addition to reporting the average number of years that their teachers have been instructing students, both in the district and in total, districts identify the number of teachers who are relatively new to teaching.

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