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Caution! Schools in California vary greatly in composition, geography, and demographics. When comparing them it is important to recognize these differences. For more information, see A Caution about Comparisons.

Compare schools of your choice throughout the state in two ways:
  • Find Schools by Name: Type in the name of the school you wish to add to the comparison, and click on the correct school from the dropdown menu.

  • Find Schools by District: Choose the county and district where the school you wish to add to the comparison is located. Click on the name of the correct school.
You may select up to 115 schools for a single comparison. Alameda County Community is automatically included in the comparison. "Click to Compare" for an automatic report that includes the criteria you selected, or scroll down to "Results Selection" to customize your report.

Missing data elements will be added as they become available. To see prior year data for these items, switch to the comparison report for the previous year. If you are looking to compare schools by characteristics (e.g. elementary schools, schools with low enrollments) please use the "Schools Like This" or "Highest/Lowest" tabs.

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  County Name
  District Name
  School Name
  Grade Levels
School  all  none
Title I?
  Avg. Class Size
Students  all  none
% English Learners
% Free/Reduced Meals
Ethnic Diversity Index
Largest Ethnic Group
% Minority
Performance  all  none
  API Base Score
  API Statewide Rank
  Similar Schools Rank
  Made AYP?
  AYP Lang Arts % Proficient
  AYP Math % Proficient
High School Only  all  none
  % Grads with UC/CSU Courses
  Cohort Graduation Rate
  Cohort Dropout Rate
  % of Seniors Tested for SAT
  Average Total SAT Score
Staffing  all  none
  % Fully Credentialed
  Number of Teachers
  Full-Time Equivalents
  Pupils Per Teacher
  Pupils Per Administrator
  Pupils Per Pupil Svcs Staff
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