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LEAs and Schools that Did Not Certify 2009-10

Last updated November 15, 2012

    Enrollment Data

    Some LEAs and their schools, as well as some independently reporting charters and State Board of Education charters did not certify their October 2009 CALPADS Fall 1 student level data, which is used to create enrollment totals.

    As a result, 2009-10 profile data for these entities is not available. The California Department of Education estimates that statewide enrollment totals for 2009-10 will be lower by approximately 38,000 students or about less than 1% below the actual total.

    In the case of districts that did certify their data, but also included an independently reporting charter school that did not certify its data, that school's enrollment numbers will be missing from district totals.

    The following districts & schools, State Board of Education charters, and independently reporting charters were affected by this problem:

    Districts and their schools

    Lynwood Unified District (19-64774-0000000)

    Cesar Chavez Middle School

    Helen Keller Elementary School

    Hosler Middle School

    Janie P. Abbott Elementary School

    Kaplan Academy of Southern California School

    Lincoln Elementary School

    Lindbergh Elementary School

    Lugo Elementary School

    Lynwood High School

    Lynwood Middle School

    Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School

    Mark Twain Elementary School

    Pathway Independent Study School

    Roosevelt Elementary School

    Rosa Parks Elementary School

    Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

    Vista High (Continuation) School

    Washington Elementary School

    Will Rogers Elementary School

    Wilson Elementary School

    Lancaster Elementary District (19-64667-0000000)

    Amargosa Creek Middle School

    Crossroads Community Day School

    Crossroads School (Alternative) School

    Desert View Elementary School

    El Dorado Elementary School

    Endeavour Middle School

    Jack Northrop Elementary School

    Joshua Elementary School

    Lincoln Elementary School

    Linda Verde Elementary School

    Mariposa Elementary School

    Monte Vista Elementary School

    Nancy Cory Elementary School

    New Vista Middle School

    Park View Middle School

    Piute Middle School

    Sierra Elementary School

    Sunnydale Elementary School

    West Wind Elementary School

    Golden Plains Unified District (10-75234-0000000)

    Cantua Elementary School

    Helm Elementary School

    Rio Del Rey High (Continuation) School

    San Joaquin Elementary School

    Tranquillity Elementary School

    Tranquillity High School

    Needles Unified District (36-67801-0000000)

    Chemehuevi Valley Elementary School

    Educational Training Center School

    Katie Hohstadt Elementary School

    Needles High School

    Needles Middle School

    Parker Dam Elementary School

    Vista Colorado Elementary School

    Upper Lake Union Elementary District (17-64063-0000000)

    The Grove School

    Upper Lake Elementary School

    Upper Lake Middle School

    Biggs Unified District (04-61408-0000000)

    Biggs Elementary School

    Biggs High School

    Biggs Intermediate Community Day School

    Biggs Middle School

    Biggs Secondary Community Day School

    Richvale Elementary School

    Junction Elementary District (47-70367-0000000

    Junction Elementary School

    State Board of Education Charters

    SBE - Lifeline Education Charter (19-76497-0000000)

    SBE - Micro Enterprise Charter Academy (19-76521-0000000)

    SBE - High Tech High Bayshore (41-76430-0000000)

    SBE - Leadership Public Schools - Hayward (01-76380-0000000)

    Independently Reporting Charters

    Soledad Enrichment Action Charter (LA COE)

    Los Angeles Leadership Academy (LA Unified)

    ASA Charter (San Bernadino City Unified)

    Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise Charter (LA Unified)

    Sol Aureus College Preparatory (Sacramento City Unified)

    Lucerne Valley Career Academy (Lucerne Valley Unified)

    Academy Charter (Parlier Unified)

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