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Frequently Asked Questions about Cookies

Last updated November 15, 2012

    ​What is a "cookie"?

    A cookie is a tiny text file containing information that is placed on your hard drive by your browser at the request of our web server.

    Why does Ed-Data use cookies?

    Ed-Data uses cookies for two different purposes:

    1. To remember where it is in presenting information you request as you move from page to page. The cookie tells the Ed-Data server what report/school/district and what year you want so it can bring you the correct information.

    Your browser keeps this type of cookie, a session cookie, in memory only as long as the browser program is running. No information gets written to your disk at all for this type of cookie.

    2. To count return visitors and understand the different types of "roles" represented by visitors to the site. When you connect to Ed-Data, this cookie tells Ed-Data that you are someone it has previously seen so that you are not counted as a new user. In addition if you registered your role on the pop-up survey when you first entered the site, (i.e., whether you are a teacher, a parent, an administrator, etc.), the cookie allows our webstats to track your visit with others from the same role. This information helps us better understand who uses the site and in what ways so we can improve the site to better fit your needs.

    Your browser program stores this type of cookie on your hard drive. It contains Ed-Data's URL (address), and an identification string.

    Cookies must be enabled on your browser to navigate through the Ed-Data school, district and county reports. If Ed-Data did not use cookies, it would be like speaking to someone who could not remember what you said only a moment ago.

    Can cookies harm my computer?

    The cookies used by Ed-Data cannot spread viruses or damage your computer in any way.

    How do I set my browser to accept cookies?

    Most browsers default to accept all cookies (which is necessary to view the Ed-Data county, district and school reports) but include options that let you change this, such as to accept only certain kinds of cookies, receive a warning before accepting cookies, or disable all cookies.

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