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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated January 22, 2014

    Where do I find average daily attendance (ADA) counts by school?

    The state collects ADA counts at the district but not the school level. Contact the school's district office to request attendance data.

    What information is available on charter schools?
    Charter schools are included in the Ed-Data reports along with all other schools. General administrative information on charter schools, including frequently asked charter questions, can be found at
    Where will I find information on community colleges or universities?
    An guide to California colleges and universities can found at
    Where can I get more information on financial account codes/terms?
    How do I find financial data for schools?
    The state collects year-end financial data from districts and county offices of education but not schools. For school financial information contact the school's district office.
    Where do I find information on the GED?
    Where can I find historical demographic data?
    Where can I find information on Kindergarten admission?
    How do I find information on members of the Legislature?
    The Senate and Assembly members for each school can be found in the pubschls file at
    Can I locate a school on Ed-Data by its address?

    Locating a list of schools for a particular city or zip code can be done using the Ed-Data Find. You can link to Find on the home page or from the navigation bar at the top of each page.

    Where can I find contact information for schools and districts?
    A downloadable file of school and district names and addresses is available at:
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