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Usability Features

Last updated April 01, 2012

    At the top of each report page there are three icons next to the larger gray "Help" button. The services they provide are:​


    Print this Page

    Clicking this icon will open the print dialog box of your browser, allowing you to print a single page, the entire document, or only a range you have selected on the page.

    Conditional page breaks have been placed in appropriate locations on each report (i.e. before each table of data) to minimize page breaks at odd locations. "Conditional" just means that the browser should start a new page if enough room does not remain on the current page to finish the table.

    Bookmark this page

    When you find something of particular interest on Ed-Data, feel free to mark the page. Your browser's "Add a Favorite" dialog will be opened and you can return to the page whenever you like.

    Firefox Users: Please note that Firefox will allow you to store a bookmark. However, when it does, the "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" option is always selected. To make the page display normally from a bookmark, you must change this setting using Firefox's "Organize Bookmarks" feature.

    Email a Link to This Page

    Use this feature to send yourself or a friend a link to a specific report on Ed-Data. Clicking this icon will open your email program with the address of the current page already in the text.

    The bookmark includes all the information about the current page: which report, which school or district, which tab you're on.

    Not for Comparison Results: Although bookmarks of comparison results pages are not available, there is something even better. Recent enhancements to the results pages mean that pressing the button gets you a fully functioning, sortable, and savable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the results.


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